Giving Back


A couple of years ago I saw this segment on Good Morning America about a college student in debt who had started a blog to raise money to pay off her creditors. The site became viral and in the end people from all of the world contributed to this girl’s cause by making $1 donations. Within a few weeks she was wiped clean of thousands in debt. When you think about it, it really is insane. So many people making such a small hand-out gave someone a clean slate, for no other reason really other than it was quirky and catchy.

I thought about that girl the other day when I got a message from my friend and fellow photographer, Mark Susan. He had put together this awesome campaign to raise funding for another colleague, Paul Sebring. You can click on the link below to get all the details and hear more about Paul’s selfless acts to help others.
He gave up a lucrative career to use another skill set that would eventually save lives. In return he lost most of what he had.

The bottom line is that in numbers, we can make a difference. If you can spend $5 a day on Starbucks then why not contribute that same amount or even a little more to a better cause? In my faith we call it a mitzvah; a duty to fulfill an act of human kindness at least once a day no matter how big or small. Please click on the link below. If we can bail some college tart out of credit card debt, then I’m positive that together we can give Paul hope .

Photos courtesy of and copyright Mark Susan, and Paul Sebring



Danielle is one the main reasons I LOVE to photograph high school seniors. They are so full of style and energy. Danielle was so easygoing and this was probably the easiest and most fun session I have ever had of this type of shoot.