Newborn Session Seth


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Photographing newborns always presents it’s own challenges in many ways. One terrific aspect of newborns is that they sleep an awful lot and allow you to pose them any way you need without putting up too much of a fight. … Continue reading



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Every so often I get a “baby” client who is such a joy to do a session with that I have a big huge smile inside when I am editing their photos. Gianna is one of those little people. She … Continue reading

PSW Vegas


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Things have been kind of stagnant lately in blogsville for me. I’ve been super busy, almost too busy. Attending Photoshop World in Vegas two weeks ago was awesome! I met some really great people and was introduced to some terrific … Continue reading

Emily + Joseph


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I absolutely love the above image from my shoot with Joseph and Emily. While Joseph was running back to the car to grab some clothes, Emily and I made it into an opportunity to take some solo photos. So these … Continue reading

Ah, Love…


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Friends of ours recently married here in Phoenix. It was a very intimate ceremony that was shared with a small group, but with lots of love. Here are just a few shots I was able to catch from the day. … Continue reading



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I shot this session of little Bree in the middle of nowhere Arizona. On the side of the road in a town called Skull Valley there is a single gas station that looks like it’s right out of a movie. … Continue reading

Tori Senior Portrait Session


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I recently shot these senior portraits for Tori in the streets of downtown Glendale and at an amazing welding yard filled with tons of scrap metal. Tori was such an incredible model. She knew exactly what to do, at the … Continue reading

Father’s Day Cupcakes Bar-Am Style


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My husband is a trained chef and we absolutely LOVE cooking together. It’s like…our “thing”. So this father’s day we decided to bake cupcakes together with the inspirations from a really cool cupcake book we recently purchased. What dad doesn’t … Continue reading

Alas! My first entry

Everything must start somewhere! I’ve been putting off starting a blog for months. It’s not like I have all the time in the world to tend to it. Blogs take a lot of work! There’s the updating, the posting, the grooming, the cuddling…. I have 4 kids and a husband I need to share my time with too, you selfish blog. But, nonetheless it was time to give in and start following the mainstream and get this thing going. Of course I will try to post my bestest photos from time-to-time and make a comment here and there. I’m trying to get my name out there and join in the ranks of hundreds of photographers (that’s just in our valley). There are so many very talented artists in the world, and although I don’t claim myself to be one of them, I strive to someday be. My objective is to make a living doing what I love. And as cliche as it sounds, it really is my dream. I just want to create stunning images that people will love. I’m not into whatever is trendy, or dying my hair purple to prove I’m an artist (I did that in high school). I want someone, anyone, to look at just one photo and say “wow…that’s awesome”. If I gain recognition and respect, and maybe even some fat cabbage…then my objective has been met!