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For my fellow photographers:
I always come across cool stuff so why not share it with the world! These are my own personal reviews/opinions about companies or individuals that I like. I am no way a PAID sponsor for any of these products or companies. On the other hand…if you have a product or company you’d like me to promote, then woo-hoo!! Bring it on. I’d love to promote your stuff. As long as it’s not naked or x-rated, or animal rated involving both (hey I have standards) then hit me up! Photography equipment is not only addictive, it’s expensive :o~

CAMERA & LENS REVIEWS: The Digital Picture. www.the-digital-picture.com

Packed full of invaluable information on digital SLR’s, lenses, and more. Whether I’m renting equipment or investing in a purchase of a new lens I always turn to this site to read the reviews. I love the no nonsense approach, along with the many product photos and comparisons.


CAMERA LENS RENTAL: Camera Lens Rentals.com

I love these guys. There are always super cool about extending my rentals at the last minute when I need it. They also send out emails with valuable rental coupons that are great to take advantage of. I’ve used a few other companies, but so far I think these guys give you the best bang for your buck!


PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT AND EDUCATION: National Association of Photoshop Professionals / NAPP

If you’re a professional or an aspiring amateur looking to take your work to the next level, I would definitely recommend checking out Scott Kelby and his gang. Endless tutorials, textbooks, support, workshops, and on-going education are at your disposal by some of the most Photoshop savvy individuals on the planet. You can also check out Podcasts of PhotoshopTV.


ACTIONS AND COMMUNTIES: Totally Rad, Inc. for Totall Rad Actions

Doug Boutwell has some pretty rad actions just waiting for you to unleash the real potential of your photographic eye. Browse from different sets of creative applications that can open your imagination to endless possibilities within your post-processing routine. I am not a regular user of actions, but I definitely have a few favorites within the sets I have purchased.



LemonDrop Stop has a huge selection of various style backdrops and floordrops making in-home photos sessions a breeze. They have various options for canvas, vinyl, and polypaper to choose from to suit any budget. Their turnaround time is also pretty quick. They have specials every Wednesday so be sure to check them out!



For beautiful canvas print made from your photos check out this great company with affordable prices!

Canvas Printing 

For more information on the photography workshops I offer or mentoring please contact me directly at: info@baramphotography.com

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