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If you have an upcoming photoshoot it’s a good idea to get prepared ahead of time. Coordinating clothing and outfits can be fun and easy with a little know-how.

First things first…layers. When it comes to photos, layering works best. Denim jackets, blazers, and button down shirts left open work great. Pair with a simple t-shirt of tank underneath. For girls, shirts with ruffles and/or lace work well. Also the more texture, the better. Adding different depths of fabric gives a richer appearance in color and detail. Textures such as thermal, corduroy, cable knits, and furs add interesting visuals to photos. Vests, either sweater style or outerwear attire, also do a great job for layering.

Accessories are a must! Think about adding hats for guys (not baseball caps but more like a driver hat or a Kangol), headbands or various hair clips for girls, jewelry like leather bands for guys and beads for girls. And lastly, but definitely my favorite, SHOES!!! Hey, a girl’s gotta love shoes…Simple Converse do a fantastic job of finishing off a look, or if you like something a little more classy experiment with different dress shoes.Guys are somewhat limited here, but for girls the options are endless. Knee-high boots with a skirt, for both lil’ girls and us big girls look amazing. Stiletto heels, for the brave, are also a showstopper.

Whether you are more casual, or sophisticated chic, what you wear in your photos will add more dimension and character to the image. The biggest piece of advice I give people don’t be afraid to wear something you might not normally wear in your every day life. If that means you think you look like a bag lady when you look in the mirror…then it probably means you are ready to work your photoshoot like a rockstar!

For creative attire try:

Hats: Gap

Crochet Items: Mama Meg’s Yarn Shoppe

Affordable Hip Outfits: Old Navy

Cute Baby Wear: Retro Baby

Custom Made Tutus, various accessories: Etsy

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