The first time I developed my own photos in a darkroom I was 16 years old. Being able to transform the image I envisioned in my mind onto paper by first developing the delicate film  in a canister to eventually projecting as a print was an art that had a magical quality to it. To actually stop a moment in time to create an image that would last forever as a part of history was amazing to me. Of course today photography has evolved to a digital craft where the end result varies from the many post production techniques available to multimedia artists around the globe. The possibilities of creating extraordinary, stunning images from a single simple photograph is endless.

My dad bought a 35mm SLR Olympus camera when I was 9 and I’ve been hooked ever since. My career as a professional photographer actually earning a living off of my images began in 2007 . However, I have been working as an artist in the multimedia field for over 15 years as both a freelance illustrator, and art director in graphic design/web development. In addition, I worked as a consultant for the artist, Thomas Kinkade, from 2000-2007. I hold a Master of Arts degree from Montclair University and both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Liberal Arts for my undergrad work, attending both Montclair and F.I.T in New York city.

I took a step back from web developing and graphic design to follow my real passion. I decided to take my love and passion for the art of photography to a more serious interest and began working with clients on a regular basis after leaving Thomas Kinkade. Today I enjoy taking photographs full-time for a wide range of clients, from newborns and children, to young adults and families. I was lucky enough to grow up in New Jersey where I was exposed to many traditions, art, food, and religions. I love the metro area back home- from the galleries in Soho to the Met on the upper East Side . The architecture, lifestyle, and scenery of my childhood is what initally drew me to photography. Today my husband and I travel the world with our 4 children so they can experience all the richness and culture that life has to offer and I always have my gear en tow.

I love the magic of a photograph. I love looking at a image in awe, whether it belongs to one of the many talented photographers I admire, or from my own gallery. When a person can look at a photograph and instantly feel a connection with the colors, the mood, the composure it is truly a captivating moment. But, most importantly to me I want my clients to LOVE the way they look in the cherished images. My goal has always been and will always remain for individuals to see themselves in their photos and fall in love with who they are every time. That is what I strive for.


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  1. Hi – I’m curious, How did you manage to get rid of the big white block at the top of each page in the 2011 wordpress theme? I’d love to do the same for my blog – BookGraphics

  2. Amy,

    First of all, your pictures are great! However, my question is about your layout. I have twenty eleven for my blog..and would like to move my search from the top right corner (like the default) to my main menu bar (like yours). How did you do it?? I’m trying to figure it out but can’t!


  3. Dear Aimee,

    I am so in love with your blog. The pictures are so rich in colors and beautiful. I am an amateur photographer and I really hope that I will be able to take such great pictures someday.

    By the way, I am starting a blog and am also using the “twenty-eleven” theme. There’s something that bothers me and I can’t seems to solve it after many hours.

    I would like to change my “Home” tab to something else. Like how you did to your home tab to “+Home”, but I can’t seems to find any option anywhere. May I know how to do it?

    Also, may I know how to feature a post on homepage?

    Lastly, I would love to know how to collapse the posts like what you did on your home page. I think it looks really neat. I’ve tried different post format, yet nothing work.

    I am new to wordpress and I am terribly sorry to have taken up much of your time. I truly appreciate your assistance.

    Thank you so much Aimee.


    • Well, thank you for subscribing to my blog! Just checked out some of the photos on your page. Very nice. Are the flower photos your own? Love the one of the flower on the wet pebbles, amazing clarity…

  4. Gorgeous work Amy!! I stumbled into your blog, while I was looking at wordpress blog designs (i I like twenty eleven too) and just love it. Can you please tell me how you got your name into the photo header, instead of taking up all that space above the photo header as it defaults in the 2011 design?

    I’m not a photographer, but I do have photoshop if that’s needed. I am a visual artist in New Zealand.


    • Hi Laura and thank you! Ok to remove that text go into Appearance, then Header. In the Header option you have an option towards the bottom to display text. Click the radio button to NO. This will remove the header text, or you can add your own text in it’s place. No need at all for photoshop..hope that helps you out. If you need more tips you can email me directly: aimee@baramphotography.com Lots of luck!

  5. I really love love love your stuff. I found your blog on google, i was just looking up editors and your page just showed up. I wanted to know how you got your stuff out there when you first started out. I been editing photos for 6 years now and I never thought of editing anyone photos until now. I don’t have a proper site up yet but I have an youtube page I upload videos on: http://www.youtube.com/user/livexitxupx18

    I’m not here promoting myself, I love your work and wanted to know how you were discovered…thats all. :)

    • Hi Ashley! WordPress is a great way to get your work searchable, so I would start building a blog and learning about meta tags to improve your exposure. Depending on the type of work you would like to focus on there are some ways you can advertise yourself without spending any money. Look into your local community (like restaurants, doctor’s offices, and retail shops) for opportunities to give “free” photos that help build your rapport with local businesses and residents. Hope that helps :)

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