Meet baby Lilah and congratulations to Lisa, Joe and big brother Logan! So sweet :)

4 thoughts on “Lilah

      • Almost PERFECT !!! :-)
        The first part.. PERFETTA!
        The second part …the grammar is ok but is better say…SEI SPARITO PER UN PO’!? or SEI SCOMPARSO…..or DOVE SEI FINITO….
        But you are very gooooood!
        YES…I ‘ m disappeared… A little…I have done new pictures (the last in London!) but I need to found time and WILL (?) for working on my WORDPRESS !!
        But I always take a look to yours F A N T A S T I C pictures!!
        Un abbraccio ITALIANO!

      • I just posted about not having time. I do not know how people do it! Good to hear from you. Can’t wait to see your photos from London!
        Ciao :)

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