Well, the holidays are officially here and my selfish blog has been pouting in the corner for the last few weeks. I have been so busy my children are preparing their own meals now and eating leftover carrot cake for dinner- from Thanksgiving. My husband hasn’t had clean underwear in weeks. Even the baby is running wild, closing the pantry door behind her and helping herself to countless oreo cookies (don’t worry there’s a light in there). And still my blog believes it should come first, throwing a temper tantrum like my 9 year old when someone touches her nail polish.

In all reality the last few weeks have been very tough. I have been working non-stop 12 hours a day furiously shuffling between sessions and editing making sure I get everyone’s photos completed in time for the holidays. My family has been awesome, helping me by taking turns watching baby Bailey, and pitching in  helping around the house. And, as far as my husband goes…don’t worry about him. He’s been keeping up with the laundry like a champ for the 6 of us. Nothing but clear skies and clean underwear here in the Bar-Am household! I’m the luckiest girl around.

I will be posting various sessions from throughout the season, but not all. I’ll start off with this session of the Howell family. Renee has a great sense of style and definitely holds it together for her adorable family. Her son, Kale, loves the camera…and the camera definitely loves him too. Enjoy!

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