Grayson + Victorie Pt. 1

Say hello to Grayson and Victorie! This is just one part of a 3 part session we did with 2 out of 4 siblings. These two kiddos are the youngest and super close in age. Like two peas in a pod! Their mom even says they are like twins who were born on different dates.

Grayson is a great kid-the only boy out of the group. He is so patient with all these girls outnumbering him. He was even willing to pose through photos as his sisters all directed him. And, Victorie was definitely the clown of the session. She made me giggle quite a few times. It’s so refreshing to see a family of children who truly enjoy each other’s company as much as these guys do.

Don’t miss the second part Brianna + Ashton

3 thoughts on “Grayson + Victorie Pt. 1

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