Newborn Session Seth

Photographing newborns always presents it’s own challenges in many ways. One terrific aspect of newborns is that they sleep an awful lot and allow you to pose them any way you need without putting up too much of a fight. I’ve known newborns who’ve actually slept through an entire session! Not the case with little Seth! He was insistent that he wanted to stay up and not miss any action. He didn’t even fuss; he was content as could be. We were lucky enough to get 15 minutes of straight, deep sleep from him during our 3 hour session though. Hopefully he slept well that night for mom and dad with all the daytime action.

5 thoughts on “Newborn Session Seth

  1. Very nice Aimee! That last one is precious.
    Can you tell me what kind of lighting you are setting up for these? Hot lights, flash, Window, etc.
    : )

    • Thanks! For lighting in this shot I used just one large softbox with a continous flourescent bulb (500w) so it stays cool. My white balance was set to specified kelvin. I also try to set up by a window for more natural light coming from either side but never straight on. I prefer the continuous lights over strobes due to the whole wysiwyg effect. Hope that helps!

      • Ya I kind of thought so on the fluorescent light. Back in the day when I shot in studios (film days) it was all strobe. Early this year, I did a rare (for me) baby shoot and only had one light in a dark room on location. I opted to use the 150 wt halogen modeling light to light the baby and it worked ok but barely. Not as much depth in mine as in yours. If I were going to do studio work again, I would definitely use continuous lights. I was encouraged on the idea thru a series of vids from Ed Pierce a couple of years back.
        BTW I still had focus issues with that darned Canon.

      • You know, I keep wanting to post some helpful tips and my experience with the issues of the focusing and I just can’t seem to find time! I’ll tell you that since I have made a few adjustments to my gear at the advice of a Canon rep I have seen a huge improvement in the clarity of the photos. I’ll love to share them with you and if you decide to try the out please let me know if they worked out.
        1. I switched all of my filters to B + W UV filters; pricey but you can see the quality difference immediately in the build 2. I swapped out all of my memory cards to SanDisk Extremes (not the Ultra). After looking at test shots of the other brands I was using I actually saw a difference 3. I ditched my battery pack which was adding extra weight at the expense of losing a steady hand; that was tough for me because I felt the solid weight was helping me to keep steady but in fact in was causing me to shake unknowingly.
        The combination of those things, though seemingly so small, have made an enormous difference. Now I don’t think you should have to rely on buying top of the line filters or the most expensive cards to get your 2k camera body to work efficiently but I guess it beats selling all of my gear right now to make the Nikon “switch”.
        I’ll check out that baby photo soon- thanks for the info!

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