My oldest son, Nicholas, has the most infectious laugh. He’s almost 14 years old and cracks me up most of the time. He is super brilliant too, which means he’s smarter than most adults I know. He builds computers, and even buys busted old X-Box 360s, repairs and resells them. He has a nice little business going on. The kid has an arsenal of laptops, and gadgets (like ipads) that some people only dream of. But, here’s the bad part…he HATES taking photos. He DREADS taking photos. I basically need to bribe him to get him to cooperate. He’s in 8th grade now, so it was important for me to get some “junior high” shots early into the school year. I don’t even want to think about next year when he starts high school. Love you, Nicky! Thanks for letting me take your pics :o)

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