Sammy’s Shoot

I absolutely adore shooting lil’ kids. They are full of insight and really good information! I had so much fun shooting Sammy this past week as we discussed the dentist, stinky feet, and why we don’t eat barefoot in restaurants!

The great thing about photographing kids is that they usually are super uninhibited. They are not conscious of the camera on them so it makes it easy to capture them in their natural personality. Kids don’t care if their hair is sticking up, if their smile looks crooked, or if they look wrinkly. They like to climb and laugh, get dirty and run around..and sometimes they even pick their nose and pass gas during a shoot (parents don’t like this too much but it makes my job a hoot). Now there is an occasional shoot where a child can be a little too unruly, like the time I got kicked and bit by a 3 year old who just did not want her picture taken. That was not so fun.

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