Before + After

Photographers usually look at each other’s work and comprehend how much time and work goes into editing. Clients rarely see the RAW images before the magic happens. Here’s just a glimpse of what photos look like before and after. Of the many details I edit in all of my images details include: blemish touch-ups, skin smoothing, correcting exposure, hue/saturation changes, brightening smiles (and removing braces), removing distracting details (like the electrical boxes in the photo of the kids, and the sidewalk crack)

14 thoughts on “Before + After

  1. Hello, I’m just curios how can you create this “Featured Posts”? I’ve searched through the Appearance settings, but no luck. Could you please show me how?

    Many thanks. Cheers, Nghi

  2. WOW!! THANKS !! Consider that I’m not a professional and the animals are from a local ZOO!! After your compliments I have added some others… :-))
    Thanks again for your answer….



  3. Hello, I have a blog to archive photos of my family … when i saw your blog,,, wow! it’s amazing,,, how can you create this featured posts …? Can you help to show me how… thank you …

  4. Hi. You got great result. I really like it. Could you tell some more about post processing.
    Great blog by the way.

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